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The Hon. Olly Neal

Former 1st Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney; 1st Judicial District Circuit Judge; Arkansas Court of Appeals Judge, retired

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"I’ve known Baxter Sharp most of his professional life, as he appeared before me both as a private practitioner and as Deputy Prosecuting Attorney.  I believe he will be an asset to the judiciary.  He has the judgment and temperament important in a judge."

Mike Neal
Former Clarendon Chief of Police and Sergeant with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, retired

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"I have worked with Judge Baxter Sharp for many years and would like to provide my endorsement for him for the position of District Judge. I can attest for his character, integrity and contributions to our community."

Jackie Speer
Sergeant Arkansas State Police, retired; Brinkley Chief of Police, retired

 “I have known Baxter for many years as a prosecuting attorney, city attorney and judge.  He has performed all of this duties with utmost honesty and integrity.  These are the qualities that are needed to serve as our next District Court Judge."

Phyllis Rutherford Stinson
Monroe County Circuit Clerk and Recorder, retired

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"I want to personally endorse Judge Baxter Sharp as the next District Judge, District 16, Division 1, covering all of Monroe and Arkansas counties. I have worked with Baxter since he started his law career in Brinkley in 1992. In 1998, he was appointed deputy prosecuting attorney for Monroe County. He made my job as circuit court clerk easier by always being punctual and prepared, all while being kind, honest and full of integrity.   He will serve you well as your District Judge, District 16, Division 1."

Fletcher Long, Jr.
1st Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney, retired

“I was Prosecuting Attorney of the First Judicial District, which includes Monroe County, from January 1, 1993 to December 31, 2018. I appointed Baxter Sharp as my Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Monroe County on January 1, 1998.  In this capacity, Baxter had sole managing responsibility for all criminal cases in Monroe County. Appointing Baxter Sharp Deputy Prosecuting Attorney was one of the best decisions I ever made as District Prosecutor.  Baxter had excellent skills in communicating with victims of crime in Monroe County.  At the same time, Baxter was always fair to criminal defendants and their lawyers. The people of Arkansas and Monroe Counties could not elect a more competent, honorable, and fair person as their District Court Judge than Baxter Sharp.”

Randy Julian
Commander and Agent, 1st Judicial District Drug Task Force, retired;
Clarendon Chief of Police, retired.

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“I’ve worked closely with Baxter Sharp since he started as deputy prosecutor. I know Baxter to be a dependable, fair and honest person. He was great to work with. I would highly recommend him for the position of district judge."

Richard Proctor

1st Judicial District Circuit Judge, retired

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“While serving as Circuit Judge, I served Monroe County where Baxter Sharp served as Deputy Prosecuting Attorney. Mr. Sharp filled the position with dignity and excellence. He was always willing to keep long hours, had an excellent grasp of the legal issues, and was courteous to both litigants, attorneys, and court staff. It is my opinion that his conduct in the courtroom exemplified the attributes that one would seek in a judge."

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